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YouTube is Now Bigger than Facebook in the US!

YouTube-has-just-passed-Facebook-606x458Here’s the latest data from Compete PRO on the top 15 social media sites:

  1. YouTube.com had 167,848,349 unique visitors in June 2014.
  2. Facebook.com had 166,497,314 unique visitors that month.
  3. Answers.Yahoo.com had 50,751,728.
  4. Plus.Google.com had 49,391,153.
  5. Twitter.com had 48,203,344.
  6. MySpace.com had 46,812,498.
  7. LinkedIn.com had 42,774,157.
  8. Pinterest.com had 40,189,235.
  9. Instagram.com had 31,546,911.
  10. Tumblr.com had 25,598,422.
  11. Flickr.com had 12,887,199.
  12. Vimeo.com had 12,291,208.
  13. Dailymotion.com had 11,808,985.
  14. Vine.com had 7,361,214.
  15. IMVU.com had 5,938,173.

Source: YouTube is Now Bigger Than Facebook in the U.S. http://www.reelseo.com/youtube-bigger-than-facebook-u-s/#ixzz37TsYWnhs © ReelSEO.com, All Rights Reserved

Now is the time to add Web Videos to your marketing portfolio . . .

Video marketing and advertising is the next important tool on-line. It really is unquestionably underused by loads of small businesses whilst very financially rewarding for ones that make the most of it.

Many small business owners stay away from video marketing due to the fact they’ve not a clue about it. It isn’t that complex and you’ll find it shockingly straightforward once you finally learn this system.

Videos can easily go viral and you will gain a lot of internet site visitors to your website. Moreover, many search engines like google love videos and they are quite popular. You frequently can see several different videos in the SERP rankings for a handful of keywords.

Producing a video doesn’t need to be difficult. You can make a marketing video with your smart phone or video camera.

Using a application such as Camtastia or even Camstudio. Simply record your computer screen and show a handful of slides or possibly an web page. These work nicely for a simple presentation video.

Advertising and marketing videos could be made with the windows program Movie Maker, that is put on just about all Microsoft computers or on the web with Jing or even Animoto. These web sites create excellent excellent videos to use as adverts.

Ones video must be succinct, relevant and engaging. You’ll need your prospects to not only view your marketing video but also go to your website and contact you.

Before posting your video, you might want to know which keywords and phrases to use for tags. This indicates performing some sort of keyword analysis. Google’s External Keyword Tool will show you all that you just should really know.

One can manually submit ones video to a number of video sites, on the other hand, this takes a great deal of time. You can outsource it, which get pricey, or you may use on-line tools. This permits you to submit your video to a lot of video web-sites immediately. After you have made some videos and so are established by these web-sites you will be able to combine video sites.

When the videos are authorized, then you are able to watch your videos spread all around the internet. They are going to be picked up by web sites along with other sites that feed off these principal video sites, supplying you with truly a growing audience.

Generate a Google Alert for your video title and you will be surprised to discover how much traffic only one video will enable you to get. Make sure you place your URL inside the description as well as in the video, then you definitely will get adequate site visitors applying this.

Video marketing is proving itself to be a truly effective and successful approach to get targeted traffic. It will nevertheless still be underused and if you start using it to help improve your web-sites inside the search engines like Google – you’ll find it truly rewarding.

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